Mechanical Village Extra
Ends on May 30 2018


Rodi Design Presents

Mechanical Village Extra, with 4 different props, and one ready to use scen. One Robot dog with one Dog house, 2 extra tubes and one compressor plant. Now you can build out your mechanical village even more with this props. With one new Scene props. The perfect place for all robots. These props can be used freely, but is actually constructed for Mechanical Village Kit by Rodi Design

Toon Prop with many details, Have you seen all other Funny and Beautiful Props from Rodi Design?. You can find all you need to build up fantastic Cartoon and Toon scene. Perfect for all Cartoon/Toon movie, illustrations, gift-cards, games.

At Rodi Design you can find vehicles, building, scene props, background, seamless textures, figures, trees and a lot more...

Why buy props? Because props bring atmosphere and life in your render. They bring variation and feeling to the scene.

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Tested in Poser 5-7

Rodi Design