Dinosaur Series Bundle Volume 2


Dinosaurs mysteriously went extinct about 65 million years ago, but our fascination with them continues to this day. Scientists continue to study fossils and remains from every continent in an effort to learn more about dinosaurs and what life was like during the Mesozoic Era, when these magnificent creatures ruled the earth. Whether you are inspired by science or art, you can create prehistoric scenes in Poser with Dino Pack Volume 2.

Dino Pack Volume 2 features 10 dinosaurs, all ready to roam wherever your imagination takes them. All dinos come complete with textures, still poses, EasyPosed tails and/or necks, and IK on the legs (where applicable)!

Get 10 Dinosaurs for Poser
Dino Pack Volume 2 includes: Dilophosaurus, Iguanodon, Corythosaurus, Diplodocus, Lambeosaurus, Styracosaurus, Caudipteryx, Microraptor Gui, T-Rex Skeleton, and Stegasaurus Skeleton.

Requires Poser 6 or Later