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Santa's Cookhouse - Christmas Village 13

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Santa's Cookhouse - Christmas Village 13


Santa's Cookhouse

Santa's workshop compound has a separate cookhouse, where all the meals are prepared for Santa, his family and all the elves working on Christmas projects. Each building calls in its orders, and vast grills and ovens are used to prepare meals, with fans overhead keeping the kitchen cool. It is overseen by Chef Kringle, a distant relative of Santa who looks so much like Santa they sometimes will switch places! Meals are kept in cases, and its possible to sit down and enjoy a meal in the lobby. The cookhouse is made of a special wood rather than the cool mystic stone of the village, so it can handle the heat and aroma better.

Includes removable snow caps so you can decide if its a snowy day or not.


ash, chair, grill hood, fan, fireplace, freezer & door, gas, christmas lights (2), mailbox, picture (2), , cafeteria case, pipe, table (3), snow (5), tablecloth, telephone, tools, wood, complete model

About Toon Santa's Christmas Village 13

Toon Santa's Christmas Village 2013 R2 is a set of beautiful 3D Christmas holiday models from Meshbox Design. The Christmas Village series is an annual release product event that began in 2006, adding additional models to the growing North Pole village of Toon Santa. Create new, original North Pole village scenes in 3D, using 3D Studio MAX, Mirye Software Shade, e-on software Vue, Bryce, Smith Micro Poser or DAZ 3D's Daz Studio.

About Toon Santa ™

Toon Santa ™ is the lovable 3D Santa Claus created in love and respect for holiday traditions. Since the 1970's in North America, you probably spent some quality hours in December watching the Rankin/Bass stop motion classics such as the Christmas Television Favorites Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and a Year without a Santa Claus (and a selection of more religious programming). Toon Santa was designed to capture the pure and simple joy of that early holiday programming. Toon Santa was originally designed in 2002, and is in its seven iteration.

Toon Santa plays a role in support of NORAD TRACKS SANTA, the NORAD website devoted to tracking Santa Claus, with Meshbox Design as corporate contributor to the multinational project located at


The contents of this model set are based on the software package it is used with. Please check to see that you have selected the right version for you.

Santa's Cookhouse for Poser & DAZ Studio

This set is compatible with Poser 7 or higher and DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher.

  • 80 texture and bumpmaps
  • Dial driven doors
  • Separate OBJ version
  • Separate Prop Objects
  • Removable Roof
  • Organized Runtime
  • Art License
R2 version has an organized runtime, with separate props (pp2), character based models (cr2) and separate OBJ versions of the building. Meshbox Design is the premier provider of 3D models, characters, buildings and more for Poser and DAZ Studio. This model is compatible with both Poser 7 and higher and DAZ Studio 4 or higher.

Santa's Cookhouse for Shade

This set is compatible with Shade 12 or higher.

  • 80 texture and bumpmaps
  • Organized Shade 12+ SHD file
  • Art License

Shade 3D is the powerful 3D modeling, rendering and animation software from Mirye Software. Use Shade all by itself, or use it in conjunction with Poser via PoserFusion, built right into Shade! DONT MISS OUT ON FREE SHADE 3D FOR UNITY.

Santa's Cookhouse for Vue

This set is compatible with Vue 7 or higher.

  • 80 texture and bumpmaps
  • Vue VOB 6 object version of model
  • Art License

Meshbox Design is the premier provider of 3D models, buildings and environments for e-on software's Vue natural scenery software. This model is compatible with Vue 7 or higher.

Santa's Cookhouse for Bryce

This set is compatible with Bryce 5.5 and higher.

  • 80 texture and bumpmaps incorporated into BR5
  • Bryce BR5 file
  • Art Licensing

Meshbox Design is the premier provider of 3D models, characters, buildings and more for Bryce. Don't believe us? Count how many indepedently created models are available from the maker of Bryce, and now many from Meshbox Design.


Seller: meshbox

Artist: Meshbox

Date Released: Mar 03 2014

Documentation: Read Me |   |  License

Categories: 3D:Character Morphs & Textures, 3D:Clothing & Textures, 3D:Scenes & Props, Themes:Holidays

Keywords: Meshbox, Christmas 2013, Christmas Village, Christmas, Xmas, R2, Cooking

Software: Poser 7+/DS 4.5+; Shade 12+



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Poser 7+/DAZ Studio 4+ Version148 MB
Shade 12+ Version186 MB
Vue 7+ Version166 MB
Bryce 5.5+ Version186 MB