Lady Warrior: Ahava for G2 Olivia


Ahava, the water Goddess, is the fifth of this set of characters and models. As the Goddess of Water, Ahava, commands the worlds oceans with benevolence. Only those who bring harm to her realm with feel the wrath of a Goddess first hand. Jump in and swim down to the murky depths of the last frontier and kirk start your imagination into infinity and beyond..

What you get:

Ahava Custome-morph INJ for Olivia G2 (Also works on Sydney G2 and Jessi G2 Bodies)
One REM Pose file
One MAT for Ahava's skin and Gills
Seven Material files (Eyes and smart props)
Head Blade, Horns, and shin and arm fins (smart props)
Harpoon (Smart prop)
17 expressions customized to Ahava's Face
1 Hand pose (Gripping the Harpoon properly)
22 Poses
62 Lights (31 Main lights and 31 Pose Lights)
250+ camera angles/settings (AUX, FACE, MAIN, POSE)

Ahava requires Smith Micro's Olivia G2 female base character. The Texture maps DO NOT require the head and body morphs. Ahava's custom morph will work on Sydney's and Jessi's body only.

All promos were rendered in Poser 7 using Ahava's Light and Camera set. The Light and Camera set may be found in The Bounty Series: Nikki and Luminotography Water Light and Camera Set.