Adventure Women for Victoria


This weapons & clothing set equips your Victoria to take the battle to the baddies wherever they made lurk. Armed with a silver twist bolt firing crossbow and dual “Devil Slayer” pistols complete with a morphing silver bullet, Adventure Women means business. Be sure to check out Cyllan's great Adventure Women expansion package, Gestalt for some bold new looks. The outfit includes form fitting hot pants & short sleeved T Shirt, a holster for the pistols, a backpack, a boot/sock combo and an overcoat to avoid those pesky life changing zombie scratches. The coats tails are easy pose capable and very customizable for creating the appearance of movement with the tails flying out John Woo style. All the base clothing comes with 3 material options. Mixing and matching can produce literally dozens of looks. There are hide poses for the hands to help avoid glove poke through and 2 weapons poses included. The set also includes 3 hands poses for the weapons. The super buff Adventure Women morph is thrown in to complete the set. Remember, when there's monster slaying to be done look no further than Adventure Women.