Rigging Your Model In Poser, Organic Figures


Ever wanted to create your own custom character and rig it for use in Poser? Well, now you can!
Monster Rigging is a full blown video tutorial showing you how I created and rigged a custom eight legged creature inside of Poser.
The techniques shown can be applied to create any custom creature or mechanical device. I explain grouping, hierarchies, bone editing, joint editing, morphs, EasyPoseUnderground, inverse kinematics, CR2 editing, customizing dials and more! Over 2 hours of video instruction!

Don't be stumped anymore, step up your game to the next level with Dark Edge Design tutorials and learn how to custom create rigs in Poser!

All videos in AVI format. PoserPro program was used for this tutorial, however the methods shown can be applied to Poser 6 and 7 as well. 3d modeling is not shown.

Chapter One (18 minutes)
Export and Grouping
PHI Build

Chapter Two (30 minutes)
Editing Bones
Editing Joints

Chapter Three (28 minutes)
Spherical Falloff Zones
Joint Rotation Axis

Chapter Four (42 minutes)
Smart Parenting
The Material Room

Chapter Five (25 minutes)
Easy Pose Underground
Creating IK Chains
Dial Editing
Rotation Centers