A Bevy of Butterflies


Reality is different than artistic expression! We pursue the artist's path of perfection of expression, and prefer to create characters with more artistry than realism.

Bring springtime to your renders with A Bevy of Butterflies!
Each butterfly can be individually posed, moved, and the wings have a flap morph included for animation! All butterflies are special low resolution insect props designed to have dozens and dozens used in a scene at a time without slowing down render times and system resources.

A Bevy of Butterflies, Vol. 1 includes:
6 Individual Butterflies for closeup renders
6 Bevys of butterflies, 1 of each type
1 Mixed Bevy of Butterflies, containing all the butterflies
1 Bevy Base for easy Butterfly transforms

These butterflies were designed to be used in large groups without a rendering performance hit on your computer, so add several groups if desired!

A special thanks to Liz (Mehndi) who created the first Butterfly Flocks for permission to borrow her idea and revisit the concept anew.

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