Sweet Summer for Maisie - V4 Fit


Sweet Summer for Maisie - V4 Fit

The product was designed on a PC with Windows 7 and not tested on a MAC.
It was only tested with Poser 11.

You need to have the following product:


Unzip all files to your Poser Runtime Directory.

You will find the fit morph in the same folder as the set "Sweet Summer for Maisie" (see list below).

Load V4 into your scene, uncheck inverse kinematic, click on "zero figure",
load the dress, click on the INJ file, dial the morph to "1" and you are ready to go :)

Kerstin Weihe / karanta



..\Runtime\Libraries\Props\Maisie - karanta\Sweet Summer\
INJ Fit V4 predraped.pmd
INJ Fit V4 predraped.png
INJ Fit V4 predraped.pz2
REM Fit V4 predraped.png
REM Fit V4 predraped.pz2