refit V4 stuff to Miki4, Roxie, Dawn, and many others.
Key Features:
Helps you to get the best out of the Poser Pro Fitting Room.
  Make your Victoria 4 garments and hair wearable by your Adwoman, Bella, Dawn, Miki 4, Pauline, Roxie characters.
  Fits to Antonia*, Raffaella* and others through morph injections.
No scripts, no hidden coding. Just existing PoserPro functionality applied in a clever way Extendable at your Leisure with other target figures and characters.
Works 'on the fly' all inside your normal Poser workflow. No library storage required.
All morphs of the original garment can be retained.
(*) - in preparation
Check out the Info Sway on
for more information. (Hint: open in new tab for full experience)
This Product has 3 versions:
- Basic: Everything you need to use the Prefitter.
- Developer: Basic with the geometry files hat were used to build the Prefitter. This is the version for users who want to make their own Prefitter with another figure as base.
- Marvelous Developer: As basic but with the Marvelous Designer garment file. This is the version for those who have access to Marvelous Designer and want to make their own morph targets.
Choose the one you need.