Clip Studio Paint 600 Brush MegaBundle


Clip Studio Paint 5 Mega bundle contains Brush Sets 1, 2 & 3 This amazing set contains 600 unique brushes in total. Clip Studio 5 Brushes Set 3 : CrossHatching This functional set of CrossHatch brushes provides you with a massive variety of cross hatch styles to choose from. From thin or thick lines to tight or loose strokes there is no cross-hatch option left out. Great for subtle and pronounced effects. Over 200 brushes to choose from. Put the Wacom pen to tablet and let your imagination run wild. Until now there has not been a larger set of brushes available for Clip Paint Studio 5.x. This brush set of over 200 unique and useful brushes compliments the shipping set of brushes in Manga Studio and provides a large set of new styles that will allow for quick creation of a variety of amazing textures. For example you will notice there is a number of crosshatch brushes that will provide a few different styles to paint with, tight, straight, loose and wild, and mixed length. Use them to fill in shaded areas quickly with amazing results. Clip Studio 5 Brushes Set 2 : Pastels and Patterns This set contains 100 Pastel brush styles and 100 Pattern brush styles. Use the Pastels to lay the undertone and fills while using the patterns to lay down textures. With such a vast assortment of brush styles, mixing them can result in a wide range of appearances giving form to your visions. They can be used for diverse genres and techniques setting the tone in your design. Let your imagination run wild.