Delphine Hair for V4/M4


Delphine Hair comes with 12 natural hair colours. There is a 'no node' version of the texture mats for older versions of Poser as well as versions for poser 7 and up.
It comes with many movement and style morphs as well as adjustment morphs to help it fit many other characters.

Fits: M4

Windy Morphs:
Windy Left, Windy Right, Windy Back, Windy Front,

Twist Morphs:
Twist Left, Twist Right,

Bangs Long, Bangs Short, Hair Tied, Hair Tight, Hair Big, Hair Long, Hair Short, Hang Down, Back Long, Back Short, Back Base In, Back Base Out,

Adjustment Morphs
Adjust Back, Adjust Front, Adjust Left Side, Adjust Right Side, Adjust Top, Adjust Hair, Adjust Left Front, Adjust Right Front, Adjust Collars,

Hair Colours
Ash Auburn, Black, Blonde, Brown, Caramel, Copper, Gold, Grey, Honey, Red, Silver,