Dial Manager 2015


Dial Manager 2015 is a bold and fantastic leap forward, compared to the original Dial Manager, designed in 2011.  It was built from the ground up to bring you an amazing, flexible and understandable Interface and unparalleled dial manipulation and management features.

Key Features include:

- The ability to manipulate multiple dials at once, dialing them in real time in Poser.
- Set Value, Minimum Limit, Maximum Limit, Sensitivity, Initial Value, Visibility and Limits easily across multiple dials.
- Copy and paste dial settings from one dial to any number of dials.
- Transfer dial settings across similar dials in multiple body parts.
- Quickly set the Name and Internal Name for any dial.  Affect multiple dials will a variety of easy to use functions, including subtracting from and adding to mass dial names, search and replace and smart application of spacing.
- Real time cross-synchronization between the Parameters Panel and Dial Manager, along with the same when selecting objects or body part.
- Value Slider emulation that allows you to dial multiple Morphs and Parameters in real time as you drag with the mouse.
- Slick, intelligent Filtering system for working with large numbers of dials.  Only show those dials (via keywords) that you are interesting in editing or manipulating.
- Set body part or object Coordinates (Center Point, End Point, Orientation) with ease.
- Robust Pose creation dialog for creating Expressions and Poses that can include any combination of Translation, Rotation, Scaling, Parameter and Morph (current) value information.
- Support for Templates, Presets and other user-defined settings for making your work a breeze.
- Brand new code, optimized for speed and stability when working with dials in Poser.
- Ability to roll-up or toggle Dial Manager 2015, so it's out of the way when you need to focus on your scene.
- Dial Manager is able to work across multiple Poser rooms and is fully customizable.

These and many more features in a great program that you'll get hundreds of hours of use from.

With Dial Manager 2015, double-clicking to change dial settings, using a text editor to hide dials and hand-editing different types of Pose files are a thing of the past!  No more selecting the same checkboxes over and over or allowing Poser to make the guesswork - you can take full control!

Pick up Dial Manager 2015 today and sprinkle a little magic in your workflow, whether you are a dabbler or designer!