AtoZ Munion Three PLUS v1 by Tiger9166
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AtoZ Munion Three PLUS v1 by Tiger9166
They're back! ... Again ... Back to two eyes! But he's tall! I haven't given Ferd a name yet so you can call Ferd anything you want. And Ferd is really equipped to clean up after the other Munions beat on things!

Ferd or as some call his punked out purple haired version Ferddddd-ly comes with a whole bunch of interesting clean up tools. There's a Dust Bin (actually four!) three are "posed" props, and the fourth is an articulated figure. Then there a Trash Bin (actually two!) one is a "poseable" prop, and the other is an articulated figure.

Ferd also has a broom and a push broom too!

WOW! Want to revisit a movie? Ferd comes with a Smart Prop CLUB for his right hand AND a FLYSWATTER for his right hand TOO! Just add a Neandrathal and a Bear and you're on your way! Light, Camera Action!
OH yeah, Ferd comes with Eleven Poses ... And eight Sizing Presets ... Did mention the Pointy Teeth ... One set of lowers, two sets of uppers AND an AWESOME MONSTER MAT Pose preset PLUS more Ferd MATS and Mats for the Dust Bin, Trash Bin, Broom and Push Broom
Ferd comes with buttons, bibs and Glove Cuffs preloaded in the character. And he has all five hair dos so you can make a wide variety of unique looking Ferds!
WHOOPS! Almost forgot to tell you that Ferd has the same three fingers per hand as Munion One AND like Munion #2(not included) Ferd also has Articulated Finger Tips! WOW!

Don't forget that you can raise and lower his teath and even make them uneven ... Tongue is in two sections to raise and lower or stick out. Ferd is extremely animatable ... Have fun!
Also includes the TJM library of Eighty Five Texture Files 1K x 1K (some are B&W bumps!) for you to apply to Ferd in the materials room!

YES! This a large Set ...
This very full collection retails for $28.95 but is almost always on sale! If you add Ferd to your libraray .... Thank You in advance! Tiger9166

Files in Runtime>Libraries\ ...
  • Munion 3 (with all five hairdos)
  • Munion TJM 3 (with all five hairdos)
  • Munion Dust Bin (Articulated)
  • Munion Trash Bin (Articulated)

  • !Munion 3 Default
  • Munion 3 Bend Over
  • Munion 3 Hey Point Pick Up
  • Munion 3 Hey
  • Munion 3 Hold Trash Bin
  • Munion 3 Holding Object
  • Munion 3 Monster1
  • Munion 3 Point Down
  • Munion 3 Walk Holding Right
  • Munion 3 Odd
  • Munion at Center
  • !Munion Forty Percent
  • !Munion Fifty Percent
  • !Munion Sixty Percent
  • !Munion Eighty Percent
  • !Munion One Hundred Percent
  • !Munion One Hundred Twenty Percent
  • !Munion Two Hundred Percent
  • !Munion Three One Hundred Percent
    Poses\TJM\Munions>MAT Poses
  • Munion 3 Default
  • Munion 3 Monster!
  • Munion 3 Dirty Yellow
  • Munion 3 Broom default
  • Munion 3 Broom Real-ish
  • Munion 3 Dust Bin Default
  • Munion 3 Dust Bin Green
  • Munion 3 Trash Bin Default
  • Munion 3 Trash Bin Blue
  • Munion 3 Special Default (UV Mapped)
PLUS 71 1K x 1K Texture Files in Runtime>Textures>TJM
  • Munion Dust Bin 1
  • Munion Dust Bin 2
  • Munion Dust Bin 3
  • Munion Trash Bin
  • Munion Broom
  • Munion Push Broom
  • Club Right Hand
  • Flyswatter Right Hand
  • Munion Pointed Teeth Lower 1
  • Munion Pointed Teeth Upper 1
  • Munion Pointed Teeth Upper 2
    Textures>TJM> and >Munions
  • One Munion 3 Default UV mapped Texture File
  • 85 1k by 1k Texture files!

ENJOY! And if Ferd joins your library ... Thank You! ... And be sure to check out Munion One also available exclusively here at!
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