G2 Jessi Complete Figure Pack


G2 Jessi Figure Pack for Poser Includes:

  • G2 Jessi Character
  • G2 Jessi Texture--Hi Res texture maps (Body 3500x4000; Head 4000x3500; eyes 1000x1000, Hair 2000x2000), With 8 different material sets
  • Eye color maps for Green, Grey, and Blue eyes with 9 material sets
  • 9 Facial Expressions
  • Body & Facial Morphs
  • Poses
  • Hair (Also works with Sydney G2!) Hair color maps for Black, Brown, Blonde, Copper, Red With 10 Materials Sets
  • Bikini (Also works with Sydney G2! All Poser 7 Sydney clothing also compatible with Jessi. Maximize your investment!)
  • Talk designer support
  • Face Room Support for G2 Jessi
  • Face room installers are available for free download.

Important Notes:

The Generation 2 characters are designed to be the most realistic yet easy to use 3D human characters ever released. In addition to superior modeling and rigging, the G2 series characters boast an Advanced Body Control system, Advanced Deformation System, Photo realistic shaders, and incredibly lifelike facial expression morphs. With Poser face Room compatibility the G2 character system is the most versatile and advanced system to date.

For full compatibility Poser version 6.0 or later is required on either the Macintosh or Windows platform.
Updates to your Poser application can be obtained through the Help menu in Poser 6. We recommend the latest build.
The Face room modules have not been tested with Poser 5 and are not compatible.
The Advanced Shader nodes have been set up with Poser 6 in mind and are delivered as .mc6 files limiting the compatibility with Poser 5.

Cross Character compatibility
The G2 female characters can share a number of attributes and are set up to maximize interchangeability of hair, clothing, morphs, textures, etc. The base body of all female characters are exactly the same with variations in texturing and shading. This means that clothing full body morphs and body textures can easily be shared between the characters.

The heads of each character differ in shape and size. We felt this was necessary to maintain a realistic and completely natural difference in ethnicity. The material setups are similar and differ only slightly reducing the work needed to adapt texture sets to each character.

Version 1 Compatibility
The Mesh, Uv's and Rigging have all changed significantly from the version 1 characters. In most cases peripherals for the Version 1 characters can no longer be used.