LeoBot (for Poser)


From the far future comes the latest in advanced military technology: robotic vehicles based on animals. This one is based on the shape of a lion.
Includes a top-mounted gun with a full range of coverage.
The left and right mounted guns can shoot straight ahead or rotate up or to the back.
The cockpit can hold a pilot... but be aware that piloting this kind of vehicle takes advanced training. The designers long ago removed physical controls from the cockpit and incorporated them into the helmet.

.: Product Features :.

• Poser figure file: obj, cr2/ png, with 53,894 polygons
• The canopy can open and close, with an ERC dial on the Body.
• The top weapon can rotate (with an ERC dial on the Body), tilt left to right, and tilt front to bank.
• The jaw can open/ close, with an ERC dial on the Body.
• The left and right leg-mounted weapons can rotate around, with ERC dials on the Body.
• All four legs are posable:
- The front legs each include 2 leg parts and 1 foot part.
- The rear legs each include 3 legs parts and 1 foot part.

.: Textures :.

Includes three texture schemes:
• Blue
• Green
• Red

Further customize the look of your robot with the following hide/ show poses:
• Left weapon
• Lower weapon
• Right weapon
• Top weapon

This model is scaled to the size of the Poser people, which means it will be very large and fill your scene.
By comparison, the Poser human figures can sit in the seat in the cockpit.

Pilot shown in the sales images *not* included.