PzDB 1.3


PzDB is the Fastest, Most Powerful CGI Content and Poser Library Manager there is.

Organize Massive Poser Libraries, 3D Content Collections and Muiltimedia Archives without moving or renaming files.

Fully Automatic: Sorts, Groups and Cross References Content by Itself!

Fully Customizable: Organize your files your way, it does all the work!

No “Metadata” hassles.

No connections to online data services.

PzDB indexes all your Poser Libraries, CGI files, and multimedia content and cross references all the related items.

Unlike other Content Management Systems, PzDB does not start automatically when Windows starts, it does not require “System Administrator” privileges, it does not run at all times, it will not trigger your antivirus software, it does not scan the entire contents of all of your hard drives and it does not request or report information about your content across the Internet.

PzDB automatically sorts, groups and cross references your CGI content based only upon its relationship to your other CGI content. It does not request data from any other source and does it not rely any vendor supplied “metadata.”