Troy: Trojans vs Greeks for M4/H4


Please note.... this item is NOT included in my Mega Bundle sold here, but this is a 3Dtoon rock bottom price item now!.

Sometimes it is time for a challenge. After making toon items for many years, I've taken on the challenge to create some more realistic items instead. This latest project is called Troy. I plan on creating all kinds of items for this theme, a complete city, clothing, various props and who knows what else..... None of it will be historical correct, it's more my fantasy interpretation of it all, using the 'real' thing as a starting point.

This first product is all about Trojans vs Greeks. The Greek army with all their heroes has landed on the beach, ready to conquer the city. But Troy will not go down without a fight, the Torjans and their heroes are ready to defend their city. This set has the Trojan and Greek armors and weapons to turn M4 and H4 into a warrior, ready to defend his country and honor! or whatever you would like to use it for :-)

You will find 2 different conforming armors and a conforming tunic, as well as 2 different shields, 2 different helmets, a spear and a sword. The Trojan set comes in 3 styles, soldier, officer and royal guard. The Greek set has 2 styles, soldier and officer. Various M4 morph++ dials are included in the conforming clothing, as well as some H4 body morhps and the all helmets have a Hiro version. The set will also work fine on M4 base, without the M4 morphs++. The conforming items also have various extra morphs dials included for better matching your figures poses.

All the items have material zones and are fully textured with high resolution textures. While the items will work in DAZ Studio, no extensive testing has been done in DS. You are welcome to use this product in DS, but no support will be given.


* 3 conforming clothing items, Tunic, Greek Armor and Trojan Armor
* 6 smart props, 2 helmets, 2 shields, a sword and a spear
* 3 Trojan clothing styles, soldier, officer and royal guard
* 2 Greek clothing styles, soldier and officer
* All Trojan or Greek helmets & shields have the same styles as the clothing
* High resolution textures up to 2500x2500 and material zones included