Product Description:A Sweat Box (A heated compartment in which perspiration is induced, to encourage weight loss, pore cleansing, etc.) All textures included, scaled for poser figures. Any software that will import Wavefront object files.Poser 6 - 8 and Pro 2012 Vue 7 PC/MAC Compatible. If you cannot find the texture you may have Poser set to Shallow search. Move the origin: Once the origin is displayed (Properties Show origin,) you'll see three extra dials, OriginX, OriginY, and OriginZ. These dials obviously move the origin around, but not in the same way that you would move an object around.When you move the Origin around, you are moving it around in relation to it's object, nothing more. When importing wavefront .obj in Poser Un-tick all but "Make polygon normals consistent"