Crime Lab (Super Scene Series)


Product Description:
Styled after the CSI: Miami Crime Lab

Product Details:
  • 2 Story Internal Building scene with 20 Rooms, Hallways, and Balcony
  • Glass Walled Offices and Labs
  • Interrogation and Detention rooms
  • Working doors
  • 37 included props, user can load empty building or furnished.
  • 10 Included cameras with matching light scenarios
  • BONUS! (Extra Zip) Evidence Collection Props: Camera, Tape, Evidence Marker, Swab, Bag, Collection Box

Product Notes:
MainBody totals --> 378576 polys 423880 verts
Loading the full scene with props could be demanding for older and slower machines or the minimum requirements for Poser.

Props List:
Box04, Clapboard01, Table4, Glassware6, Cash, Glassware3, Glassware4, Chair1, Vent1, Table5, Table1, Glassware2, PaperFile, Phone, Computer, Table2, Box05, Box01, Sofa, Clock, Glassware5, Reading_lamp, Cabinet3, Microscope, Box02, Couch, Printer, Tablet, Table3, Vent2, Table5Glassware, Box03, Glassware1, Cabinet1, Cabinet2, Pushcart, SafeDepositBox