Stealth Mech:Cyberninja


"Shadows of metal and carbon composite that can slip through even th most advanced detection grids - with radiation baffling paint and alloys and electronic jammers. Moving faster than any human possibly could. Exerting enough force with a single blow to shatter steel. This is the age of the cybernetic assasin."

Stealth Mech:Cyberninja is a set of poses for Mestophales Stealth Mech figure. These poses have been carefully crafted from visual references of a variety of Martial Arts stances, forms, and techniques. Designed to give the Stealth Mech some deadly assasination action and infiltration poses.

This package contails: • 40 full poses in total (20 with IK and 20 without) • 6 Hand Poses (3 Left and 3 Right) • 24 Partial Poses for customization

*While these poses were crafted from visual references, limitations of the Stealth Mech figures rigging have prevented an exact representation of many of the forms and stances. I have tried to capture the essence of those forms and stances as best possible with this figure.