3DToons Landscape Series: Land, Water & Skies
Ends on Nov 12 2017


Ever wished for a landscape system that would fit your toon scenes perfectly? No more wishing..... I'm pleased to introduce the 3DToons Landscape Series - Ground, water & skies. A landscape system that will fit your toon scenes perfectly. This first set gives you a great start in toon landscaping. Please note: with a little adjustment the Landscape Series can easily be used for realistic non-toon renders as well (see bottom for more details).

The morphing ground has a flat ground, rough grounds, hills, mountains, mountain plateaus and even a volcano. But that's not all, you will also get a morphing water prop which gives you rivers, lakes and water planes. On top of that a skydome with 10 sky textures is included. It doesn't stop here, also included are 8 ibl light sets and 4 special ibl light sets that match 4 of the skies for even more dramatic effects. You want more? You get it..... what is a morphing landscape without textures to go with it. There are 37 materials for you to enjoy with this set. From lush green to brown planes, from sandy deserts to snowy mountains, as well as 2 water textures. As with all my sets, all of the textures have been designed by me, using texturing effect or digital painting, it's all there.

The morphing ground and water have easy to use dails, which you can even mix to create your own designs. By using dials you can scale the morphing props easily to match your figures and other props. This way you can use the set with the ToonGen, Chip & Cookie, Koshini & friends, Tate's figures, 3D Universe's figures and any other toon (or realistic) figure you want to use.

You're not into toons? No problem, 3DToons Landscape series can easily be adopted to work with realistic scenes. Check out the 3 images marked realistic. All you need to do is set the specular value of the material lower or even to zero and you're all set.

I know I've underpriced this item a lot, but I want all of you to be able to enjoy this set, without having to think twice about investing heavily into a new enviroment system.

Buildings shown in render not included and not all material options shown.


* 3 props
* Morphing Land has 11 morphs: volcano, rough 1&2, plateau 1&2, mountains 1,2,3&4, hills 1&2 * Morphing Water has 13 morphs: lakes 1&2, waves 1&2, riverbend 1,2,3&4, river 1,2,3,4&5 * Skydome with 10 painted sky textures
* 12 IBL light sets, 8 regular and 4 special effects
* 37 original 3DToons crafted materials, divided into 9 sets: brown, green light, green medium, green dark, painted 1, painted 2, sand, snow and water.
* Material for Poser 6+ and DS included