3DToons Toon Castle Series: Rock Castle
Ends on Nov 12 2017


Building on the medieval town series, here's the first item in a new series of props, the castle series. This first item is the Rock Castle, an impressive castle on a rock. This castle can only be reached by crossing a bridge and climbing up the set of stairs. But before doing so, you will have to go through the gatehouse. This set is great for medieval, romantic or fantasy scenes. As a bonus, there's a ruined version of the main castle included. All the textures have been digital painted to give this set a special look.

This set contains exterior props only, but the main castle has an empty great hall, which can be used for interior scenes if you add your own items to it. The gates of the gatehouse and main castle do open and close.

The items are scaled to fit the Toon Generation, but with some scaling they can be easily used for other figures as well.


* 6 Props, exterior only, 1 bonus prop: the Ruin
* Main Castle's great hall (the ground floor) can be used for interior renders
* Main castle gate and gatehouse gate does open and close
* Digital painted textures
* High res textures 1000x1000 to 2000x2000 pixels
* All props are smart-parented to the base in Poser
* 2 water props, one with and one without reflection (DS users may need to add reflection manualy)

The landscape shown in some of the images is not included, that is from a set I'm still working on.