3DToons Toon Generation Medieval Town Workshop Freebie


My latest and also largest project ever.... I've been contemplaiting creating a medieval town for a long time, but never doing so.... finally I've begon to realize it.

Here is the last item (for now) in the ToonGen Medieval Town Series and best of all it's a freebie. I do conclude the series with the workshop. You decide what's being build here and whatever you pick, the ToonGen will love to work in this place. The freebie has the same quality as the other sets and comes with opening doors, a shutter to access the floor above the workspace and a complete interior. I'm sure you will love this great addition for the ToonGen Medieval town.

There are 2 reasons for this item to be a freebie. I promised some of my users that if one of the toonGen Medieval items in my store would become the top selling item in the CP 30 day nest selling items list, I would make a free item. This happened recently, so I have to make this promise come true. Second reason for this item to be the freebie is that I want people to be able to 'test drive' the series. This way you can see if you like what's being presented and if you can use it for your own work. Also, if you don't want to use the series with the ToonGen, but with other figures, and are not sure, you can see if it works for your scenes as well.

The items are scaled to fit the Toon Generation, but with some scaling they can be easily used for other figures as well.

figures, clothes and hair not included


* 2 props, the workshop and the smart propped workshop interior
* Opening door to access the balcony and opening shutter to access the top floor
* Highres 1000x1000 to 2500x2500 textures allow close up and far off renders
* Handcrafted textures
* Material zones for easy re-texturing or re-shading
*Scaled for the use with ToonGen, but can easily be scaled for other figure uses