3DToons Toon Generation Medieval Town Set 3
Ends on Nov 12 2017


My latest and also largest project ever.... I've been contemplaiting creating a medieval town for a long time, but never doing so.... finally I've begon to realize it.

This is the second third set in Medieval Town project. Well not really a set, but a castle, with a lot of extras. This must be the most complex building I've done so far. In this set you will find 1 building with 3 variations in windows. With this castle comes an exterior extras prop to make the castle more beautiful, but for renders with lot's of items you can load the simple version of the castle to make it less demanding. There are also 4 interior props, 2 for the great hall, 1 for upstairs, 1 for the towers and one extra free bonus treasure prop for the top room of the main tower. These interior props make the castle complete and a joy to look at and live in.

The items are scaled to fit the Toon Generation, but with some scaling they can be easily used for other figures as well.


* 7+3 Detailed props
* Castle has 3 variations, and has 9 rooms: the hallway, the great hall, a master bed chamber, 5 tower rooms and one hidden room
* Extra smart-prop to beautify the castle
* 4 Detailed interior props complement the castle
* Opening door
* The castle has a secret room where the free bonus treasure prop can be hidden
* Treasure prop has 2 versions in Poser, one for fast rendering and one with reflecting diamonds
* Highres 2500x2500 and 1500x1500 textures allow close up and far off renders
* Mix of handcrafted and photo textures
* Material zones for easy re-texturing or re-shading
*Scaled for the use with ToonGen, but can easily be scaled for other figure uses