3DToons Toon Generation Medieval Mist Set 2


eep in the dark forest they live, the Mist Dwellers. They mostly come out at night, roaming the forest, putting fear into the hearts of the people living near the forest.

With this set you will be able to use the body textures and morph setting that turns the Toon Generation figure into a Mist Dweller. In the props folder you will find a shield for the Mist Dweller, for weapons I recommend using items from my Toon Generations Medieval Pack and Siege Pack.

This set also gives you more buildings for the Mist Dwellers. A Tower with separate interior, a pallisade surrounding the tower for better defence, a prop with extra items to place inside the pallisade and a bonus watch tower, which can be placed anywhere you like.

The main tower comes in 2 versions, a Mist Dweller textured version and a regular town textured version, making the set even more versaitille.

The items are scaled to fit the Toon Generation, but with some scaling they can be easily used for other figures as well.


* 5 detailed props, 3 exterior props and 2 interior prop. * Opening doors
* Highres 2500x2500 and 1500x1500 textures allow close up and far off renders
* Material zones for easy re-texturing or re-shading
* The tower, pallisade, watch tower and interior are all seperate objects and can be used with or without the other props in this set
*Scaled for the use with ToonGen, but can easily be scaled for other figure uses
* Free town textured versions of the buildings included