Lotta for Cookie


This is a cute toon character for Cookie and an add-on for CookieOverknee by WhopperNnoonWalker and Karth.

1 MAT for Cookie
1 Lotta INJ + REM for Cookie Head
1 Lotta INJ + REM for Cookie Body
1 Lotta Teeth fix for Cookie

1 Lotta INJ + REM for CookieOverknee
5 MAT for Overknee Apron
5 MAT for Overknee Pants
5 MAT for Overknee Shirt
5 MAT for Overknee Stocking
2 MAT for Overknee Shoe
1 MAT for Overknee Hair + one with Transmap

1 MAT for TumbleWeed
1 INJ + REM Scala to Lotta for TumbleWeed

5 Poses for Lotta and TumbleWeed
11 Expression for Lotta

To Mix & Match
12 colors of Button
10 colors of Hair band
8 colors of Shoelace for left or right
5 colors of socks with holes for left or right
10 colors of socks for left or right

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