Photographic Nude Art Poses & Props


Photographic Nude Art
Poses & Props

The Photographic Nude Art set consists of sixteen expressive V4 poses and eight
studio (stage) background props. The whole set is made to replicate a nude
photo shoot setting.

The set also includes two lighting presets: one that provides flood lighting
that will wash the whole stage with light and one that provides spot lighting
that is meant to focus the light on your character.

Eight different background props give you plenty of different choices for your
photo stage. The poses are natural and expressive and are made to introduce
little or no distortion of the character's joints for any of the studio poses.

To use: load in your V4 character and optionally one of the eight included
background props. Apply your chosen pose preset to your V4 character. Choose
one of the two included light presets and you're ready to render.

The Photographic Nude Art poses and props will be located in the Pose and Props
section of the library palette.

An easy to use texture template is provided that will allow you to easily create
a studio background of your own choosing.

You will need Poser 5 or later or Daz Studio and Daz's Vicky 4 character to use
this set.