House Building Components
Ends on Nov 17 2017


Rodi Design Presents

Build your own House, and saving a lot of money, it is easy and fun. This is a very complete system of Props for creating finished house in Poser. You can turn the house as you want. It is only your fantasy who are setting the limit. You can build your own village/town. House Kit with 24 props and with 3 ready to use houses. Each wall can be affected freely from each other when you apply the texture, like a stone wall on the front and a wallpaper on the back of the wall. All windows and doors can be opened, you can make any part invisible in the interior renderings,easy to change the texture to suit your own preferences. You can also build internal walls in the house to different rooms, like: kitchen, lounge, bathrooms and more.

How to build the houses are easily explained in both words and pictures, see the ReadMe file. (See one of the pictures.)

Building small/large houses or angled houses, long houses, yes anything is possible with these house parts. You can combine all parts into a single props, everything is described in the ReadMe file, learn more about Poser and see what you can do in this amazing program.These housing parts saves you a lot of money, you can self-configure and create homes to suit your preferences, and best of all it is really fun and much easier than you think. After you have built the houses, you store them in one big props, and these are loaded into the Poser as a regular props.

In this first parts, you get three different doors, three different windows, three plates, three different lamps, walls, roofs, chimneys, downspouts,floor, stairs, etc.. All Props in order to build different complete houses.

Building Prop with many details, Have you seen all other Funny and Beautiful Building props from Rodi Design?. You can find all you need to build up scene with Building props. Perfect props for all movie, illustrations, gift-cards, games.

At Rodi Design you can find vehicles, building, scene props, background, seamless textures, figures, trees and a lot more...

Why buy props? Because props bring atmosphere and life in your render. They bring variation and feeling to the scene.

Tested in Poser 5-7

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