AA Emma for DAZ3D's Laura 3


Emma: This young teen is a quite a beauty! She dreams of her prince charming who will sweep her off her feet. She loves puppies, going to the movies and talking on the phone with her friends. She may be the typical young teen in personality but she's both smart and quite stunning and will make a lovely addition to any render: from medieval scenes to modern-day stories. She is a true princess!

Emma is a hand-sculpted head morph for Laura 3 and part of a series of Morph Collectibles. Collect them all!

This head morph was meticulously hand-crafted for realism and to achieve Emma's distinctive beauty. She is truly one-of-a-kind!

Since no textures are included, you get this unique head morph for a fraction of the cost of a full character package.


1 Hand-Sculpted Head Morph (no other morph packages are required)