Volkswagen Beetle (Poser, Vue, 3D Studio Max)


Its peculiar styling, underpowered motor, rough ride, and high noise levels compared to modern vehicles should have made it a market failure. It was in its day, though, more comfortable and powerful than most European small cars, and ultimately the longest-running and most-produced automobile of a single design (a record that will not take long to be beaten by its younger "cousin" the Type-2 Bus or Kombi, which is still in production in Brazil with the same basic characteristics of the first series). It remained a top seller in the US even as rear-wheel drive conventional subcompacts were refined and eventually replaced by front-wheel drive models. The Beetle car was the benchmark for both generations of American compact cars such as the Chevrolet Corvair and subcompact cars such as the Ford Pinto and Chevrolet Vega. In the international poll for the award of the world's most influential car of the twentieth century the Beetle came fourth after the Ford Model T, the Mini, and the Citro├źn DS.

.: Product Features (Poser) :.
  • All four tires can rotate around.
  • Front tires are steerable.
  • Steering wheel is turnable and an ERC dial on the BODY affects both the front wheels and steering wheel.
  • Includes steering wheel for BOTH left-hand and right-hand driving. Simply hide or show whichever version you prefer.
  • Right and left front doors can open and close (with ERC dial on BODY).
  • Both driver and passenger seats can move forward and back.
  • Accurately reflecting side mirrors.

    .: Textures/ Colors :.
  • Completely remapped for use in Poser.
  • Templates for all materials are included.
  • Displacement maps add realistic raised letters to the license plates.
  • Five textures for the car:
  • Three license plate textures:
    -Maryland (which shows the front plate)
    -Florida/ Challenger (which hides the front plate)
    -Florida/ Manatee (which hides the front plate)
  • The license plates are mapped the same as our other cars and trucks so you can mix & match textures to suit your taste.

    .: Poses :.
  • Five MAT poses to change the color of the car.
  • Three MAT poses to change the license plate.
  • Two hide/ show poses for the front license plate.
  • Two hide/ show poses for the right-hand and left-hand dashboard/ steering wheel.

    .: Product Features (Vue) :.

    A highly detailed and textured model. Contains groups for animation and materials for retexturing.

    The model is UV mapped and textured.

    Two versions of the model are included, one yellow, and one with a texture similar to the Herbie films.

    .: Product Features :.

    This model is a 3DMax model, saved in version 7 as a MAX file, and requires 3DMax or Gmax to open the model. It does not include any other formats to allow it to be opened in any other software. The model is mapped and textured.