Seamless Architecture Textures Volume 4


**Please see Product Brochure for thumbnails of these textures** 14 professional high resolution seamless/tileable architecture textures some with transparency. Resolution 2500 x 1500 pixels. With several years in the game texture industry, these beautiful textures were selected from our own stock site and edited in Photoshop CS3. Meticulous attention to detail applied to the seamless work by removal of natural weathering artefacts and light gradients ensuring a professional result for tile repeats. Original photographs shot with a professional SLR digital camera in locations around the UK and Romania. JPG format saved at 100% Quality and PNG for transparency requirements. (please note, these textures can be longer in length and so the required 800 x 800 pixel size for the previews may distort the image) Described as "Game Ready" because that is their initial and main use but could also be used for many other forms of digital artwork. Props, models, game development, scenes, printing purposes.