Landscaping Bundle 1


Get everything you need to build beautiful landscape scenes in Poser with this second bumper bundle of the best-selling Terraform series products. Whether you like realistic green hills and snowy mountains, fantasy landscapes or alien planets, you'll find what you need in here.

All the terraform models are designed to be compatible - both those in this pack and those in the previous bundle all have the following features to make them easy to use to create your own worlds:
  • Texture tiling - no fiddling in the material room, just turn the parameter dial to see the texture instantly change in your preview. Whether you want distant ranges or a tiny patch of land with a bug on it, you can keep the textures crisp and sharp. This feature works in DAZ Studio as well as Poser.
  • Share textures - each set comes with its own unique textures, but the textures from one set will work on the models from any other set. And if you want to make your own, they're all mapped to squares; if you can make a tiling pattern or texture it will work on your terraformers!
  • Plenty of morphs - each model is loaded with morphs so that you never need to render the same landscape twice!
  • Featuring all these complete packages:
    • Terraformers: the original series of seven landscaping models, now updated with texture tiling. The series consists of three large morphing terrain pieces, in a semicircular format to make them equally suitable for framing a scene or use as a backdrop, two water pieces, a ground plane, and a free standing rock.
    • Geoforge: the low-res circular terrain with a host of injectable morphs and textures
    • Biosphere: designed to accompany the Geoforge, it can be a fishtank, a sky, or just a curving backdrop
    • Horizons: a terrain set complete with morphing water, clouds and land layers, as well as two separate cloud and land figures to allow you to create different effects by merging using extra layers. With morphs to curve it into a planetary horizon and seven different terrain morphs, you can achieve a wide range of scenes with as much or as little horizon curve as you need.
    • Terraformers Alien Worlds: Explore some barren and pockmarked planets with the four Alien worlds figures, all packed with morphs.
    • Terraformers Fantasia: The Fantasia pack contains 3 high resolution figures. Each contains a variety of fractal and math generated morphs that can be used to create an almost infinite variety of scenes, along with 13 different textures ranging from the realistic to the fantastic.
    • Weird Weather: fog, lightning, clouds - complete your scene with some effects that are quick to load and render
  • Don't forget to get the 'Using the Terraformers' manual - it's free and it's got lots of information to help you get the best out of your Terraformers, with step by step pictures and scene workshops.
    For more details, see the pages for individual included packs.