Miki 3 Figure


If ever there were a 3D figure created for Poser with personality, it’d be Miki 3. Rigged with Poser 8’s powerful new multiple capsule and sphere technology, Miki 3 includes features such as Advanced Body Control and Deformation Systems, a complete collection of Full Body Morphs, Joint Controlled Morphs, photorealistic skin textures, hair sets, clothing and life-like facial expression and phoneme morphs. Miki 3 is compatible with both the Poser Face Room for ultimate editability and the Talk Designer for ease of animation, making her the most advanced, most versatile and spunkiest Poser character we’ve ever offered.

The Miki 3 Pack includes:

  • Fully rigged Miki 3 Character with a complete set of Full Body Morphs, Partial Body Morphs, Advanced Body Controls and Deformers. Also includes a rigged Dev figure for third party developers. (67,362 Polygons)
  • Compressed Runtime for easy extraction and archiving, plus Application Data Installer for Face Room, Lip Sync and Repose data
  •   2 high resolution, gamma correct photorealistic body material sets, 1 with accurate anatomic detail
  • 5 high resolution facial makeup material sets
  • 6 hi-res eye color material sets optimized for raytracing
  • 6 hi-res eye color material sets with reflections embedded in the material
  • 2 eye lash material sets
  • 6 teeth color material sets
  • 2 conforming hair sets with styling morphs, each with 5 color material sets
  • 7 Full Body Morphs, over 20 Upper and Lower Body Partial Morphs and over 100 Facial Expression, Face Sculpting, Eye, Ear, Lip Mouth, Nose, Tongue and Phoneme Morphs
  • 34 Advanced Body Controls
  • 16 Miki 3 full body Poses
  • 26 Miki 3 hand Poses
  • 13 Miki 3 utility Poses including Deformer pose to apply to third party content
  • 17 face Poses
  • Talk Designer and Face Room Compliant
  • Miki 3 XMP metadata files for Library content
  • Includes full set of 2D texture templates to create custom Miki 3 textures
  • 40 page PDF User Guide to get the most out Miki 3.
  • BONUS – Includes Esha’s Miki 3 Basics Clothing Pack! ($7.99 Value) Conforming Pants, Shirt, Skirt and Sandals with both formal and casual material sets.
  • BONUS - FREE Mastodon Chopper! ($7.99 Value) Dark Edge Design’s futuristic motorcycle, the Mastodon Chopper, with Miki 3 poses for riding and rendering!

Requirements: Poser 8 and Poser Pro 2010 (latest Service Releases highly recommended) Mac or Windows. Refer to for the minimum Poser 8 system requirements.

Compatibility:  Due to her multiple sphere and capsule falloff zone rigging, Miki 3 is only compatible with Poser 8 and Poser Pro 2010. She is not compatible with previous versions of Poser or with DAZ Studio.